Virtual Electric Guitar and Online Guitar Lessons

The world is continuously been made smaller and smaller with each passing time, through the internet and it is now possible to learn arts and crafts and skill from any part of the world by just clicking a button. But there are other service provided over the internet that requires that one learns on his […]

All about Virtual Electric Guitar

You may have heard about virtual electric guitar, or if you have not heard about it, it is an electric guitar that can be played on a computer by striking the strings on a graphically generated electric guitar with the pointer of a mouse. You don’t need to have the real instrument in your hands […]

Virtual Electric Guitar in Real Music Making

Music is said to be liked by everyone and though there different music genres in different parts of the world which are loved by different people based their interest and lifestyle, one thing stands true, music is a universal language. There are a lot of things that go into music making, essentially music is made […]

The Ins And Outs of a Virtual Electric Guitar

We’ve all seen and heard a guitar being played. The chords are struck and it generates vibrations which is captured as an electric impulse which resonates to give as a sound. The systematic strikes on the chords or strings create a rhythm that makes pleasing sense to the ears. Guitars and for that matter electric […]